Winter Holiday Gala Dinner

with Executive Chef Brandon Brumback

Monday, December 18, 2017 –

6:30 pm

The Albert
Hotel EMC2
228 East Ontario Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Boasting local, seasonal ingredients and a stimulating, intimate ambiance, The Albert is a feast for the mind, body and soul. Inspired by the intersection of art and science, this festive venue will transport members on a memorable culinary adventure in a holiday atmosphere filled with our Chapter’s friendship and conviviality.

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It Doesn’t Take an Einstein to Appreciate The Albert

By Stephanie Blaser, Vice Chargée de Presse, and
John Blaser, Vice Chargé de Media Sociaux
Photos by Lorenzo Tassone

Braving an old-time Chicago snowstorm, 72 members and guests of the Chicago Chaîne attended the annual Winter Holiday Gala Dinner on December 18 at one of the city’s newest, most modern restaurants: The Albert in the Hotel EMC2. The hotel and restaurant are named for Albert Einstein’s famous equation describing space and time and the genius who proposed it.

The team behind The Albert describes it as “a culinary experience … inspired by the intersection of art and science.” In a deliberate juxtaposition reflecting the restaurant’s theme, the sleek, well-ordered dining space is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves containing 12,000 vintage volumes on literature, art, and science. The random arrangement of books, artwork, a mischievous mural, and even antique chests of drawers suggests the disordered mind of a genius and adds a sense of history to this brand-new restaurant.

Despite being relatively new himself, 29-year-old Executive Chef Brandon Brumback already lists some of the world’s top restaurants on his résumé, including The French Laundry and Chicago’s three-Michelin-starred Grace. Chef Brumback has explained his cuisine as “contemporary, rooted in French and European technique.” His menus change with the seasons, combining fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs with ingredients created in-house.

With attendance at capacity and the holiday spirit of goodwill in the air, the event was a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the Chicago bailliage’s activities beyond its wonderful dining experiences. Chicago Chaîne Foundation President Allen Kutchins highlighted the Foundation’s support of aspiring young chefs. Members and guests also were given an overview of the chapter’s Website and Facebook page. There was even time to induct two new members, Pauline Maki and Christopher Wrobel, between the cheese course and dessert!


Winter Holiday Gala Dinner - The Albert