Burgundy Wine Tasting at the Drake Hotel

Sunday, February 16, 2003


Demystifying Burgundy’s Crazy Quilt

By Chevalier Bruce Foudree

The Chicago Ordre Mondial members were in awe as they approached tasting tables lined with rows of gleaming crystal arrayed on fine linen. Wines expressing the heart and genius of Burgundy stood waiting to be savored at the highly-anticipated Chicago event, “Demystifying Burgundy’s Crazy Quilt.” Held at the famous Drake Hotel, the tasting was the first in a series on Burgundy and the opening enological event of the Chicago chapter’s season.
The evening’s host, local wine expert Johnson Ho, provided an enlightening tour of Burgundy’s complex, often confusing, system of appellations, districts, and vineyards. It was a tour de force for mind and palate.

The evening focused on reds, and those fortunate enough to attend were treated to such gems as Echezeaux, Chambolle Musigny, Gevrey Chambertin, Nuits St. George, and Volnay produced by some of the great names in Burgundy.

Their perfume bouquets and oriental spice and truffle-mushroom flavors were dazzling. This was especially true as each wine was expertly matched with food to accentuate its character and subtleties.

The evening was beautifully capped with a delicious Crème de Peche de Vigne (Nuits St. George) by Vedrenne, one of the great masters of Burgundy.

The second exploration into the survey of France’s Burgundy region took place in May – again at The Drake Hotel – where white and red burgundies were tasted and evaluated before, during and after food had affected the palate.

Discussions were vigorous and much was learned.

It is said that among all wines Burgundy is the most charming and seductive. As the last drops were finished, everyone understood why.