Charlie Trotter’s

One last time with Maître Rôtisseur Trotter

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reception: 7pm in the Studio Kitchen
Dinner: 8pm

Charlie Trotter’s
816 West Armitage
Chicago, IL

Dress Code: Black Tie with Decorations


Yes, it has been 25 years since Charlie Trotter’s opened its doors on Armitage where the Yuppies roamed. Chef Trotter was 27.  Zagat was evaluating, in those days, restaurants such as Le Francais, Carlos’, Cafe Provencal, Ambria, Jackie’s, Le Perroquet, Gordon, The Cottage, Avanzare, L’Escargot, Les Plumes and so on.

Charlie Trotter broke frontiers of combining “odd” ingredients together, globalized our culinary thinking, served portions smaller than we had considered before, suggested we ate flowers, even invited us to eat in his kitchen.  He brought total perfection to every aspect of his eponymous restaurant and caused much discussion as he spoke out through his work against the restaurant orthodoxy that prevailed in the late 80’s. All this in Chicago! New York City was put on notice. The snooty, collective jaws in London, Paris and Rome dropped and gasped at this ambitious and controversial American.

But he got their attention and fashioned our current culinary world that was so influential and within which we readily navigate today.  He opened the doors for others to unleash their own creative uniqueness as well as giving confidence to a city then so often maligned for its “meat and potatoes” mentality. He raised the awareness of fine dining to young high school students and became an ardent philanthropist into the bargain. Charlie is no ordinary man…

This is Chaine Chicago’s final foray into his restaurant in Old Town. Please join us. A Champagne reception will be held in the Studio Kitchen.  We have the restaurant to ourselves.  Let us thank Charlie Trotter for the pleasure, excitement, allure, and celebrity he brought to our city and wish him well.

Vice Echanson Mon Roldan will be selecting cellar wines around which Chef Trotter will craft a unique eight course menu - one last time.