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La-Von™ Farmhouse Brie
Available in both goat and cow’s milk, this brie is one of the first authentic farmhouse bries made in Wisconsin. Made by hand in 8-oz rounds, real Geotrichum candidum creates a thin, tasty rind that is white with natural orange dotting the outside. This cheese is made to be eaten between 3-6 weeks of age.

Apple Cherry Cider
Riesling, Trimbach Alsace 2012
Aromas and flavors of apple, peach and apricot, petroleum and flint. Medium bodied.  Vinified dry per the house style.

A fresh surfaced-ripened cheese made with a combination of cow’s milk and goat’s milk, it is available in plain and with an ash coating. It has a clean flavor and pleasing tang with buttery characteristics.

Pouilly Fume, Serge Dagueneau ‘Les Pentes’ Loire 2012
Classic nose of sweet grapefruit, orange, flinty soil tones, cut grass, green apple and just a hint of pepper. Palate is deep, full-bodied, complex and zesty, with a vibrant core of fruit, lovely soil signature and fine cut and grip on the long and bouncy finish.

Marieke® Gouda
This gouda has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor that grows more complex as it ages on wooden shelves. The milk is piped underground directly to the farmstead cheese plant and made into cheese within five hours.

Chardonnay, Antica Napa Valley CA 2013
Aromas and flavors of citrus, vanilla, apple, peach, tropical fruits and oak with underlying notes of minerality.

Pinos Gris, Eyrie Vineyards Dundee Hills OR 2013
Aromas and flavors of citrus fruits, pear, honeycomb, wet wool, waxy texture and an undercurrent of lemongrass adding a little tang.  But the palate notes are all about the textural sensations rather than out-and-out fruit flavors.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve®
This much-awarded, one-of-a-kind farmstead cheese is made with only the best-tasting, fresh spring and summer milk of rotationally grazed, pastured cows. It is a washed-rind, Beaufort-style cheese with a flavor that hints of grass and herbs.

Chardonnay, Scherrer Alexander Valley CA 2009
Nice balance of perky citrus notes (limey) and apples, hints of vanilla and oak, toasty and nutty and a long, graceful mouth–watering finish.  Primary and malolactic fermentation occurred in French oak cooperage.

Pinot Noir, Adelsheim Willamette Valley OR 2012
Red aromas and flavors - candied cherry, pomegranate and raspberry with a light touch of brown spices - nutmeg, cinnamon and all-spice. Aged for 10 months in one-quarter new French oak.

Hook’s 10-Year Aged Cheddar
Aged for 10 years in curing caves at just the right temperature and humidity, this award-winning cheddar has a rich and complex flavor. Delicate proteins help to form crunchy pockets of caramelized intensity.

Nut Brown Ale, Samuel Smith’s Tadcaster UK
Notes of walnut, pecan, acorn, peanut hull, slight malty chocolate and a bit of hop. Cocoa dust and hop sits on the tongue after the finish.

Oloroso Sherry, Lustau Solera Reserva ‘Don Nuño’ Jerez
Notes of salted caramel, almonds, citrus blossoms, date and green tea, backed by hints of brisk blood orange and spice cake that add length and cut on the finish. Hints of sweetness and brine.

EWE CALF to be KIDding™
This playful take on blue cheese is made with a combination of sheep, cow and goat milk. The result is a big, bright flavor that plays back and forth among the different milks and finishes strong.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Boonville CA
Aged for three months in Wild Turkey® Bourbon barrels. Deep ebony hue and mahogany head. The woody, vanilla-like notes imparted by the barrels mingle with aromas of fresh baked bread, toffee, and espresso and envelop the rich chocolate and roasted barley flavors with a fine bourbon character.

Brewer recommends pairing with Smoked Gouda and Aged Cheddar

Bual Madeira, RWC Barbeito Historic Series Boston
Blend of younger wines (10-20 y.o.) and older stocks (40-60 y.o.). This Bual is complex and offers enticing flavors of treacle, orange, cinnamon, clove, allspice and toasted nuts. The acidity washes over the palate leaving lingering flavors of minerals, burnt sugar and candied orange zest.

The notoriously assertive aroma of this classic German cheese belies its less potent, creamy flavor—especially when young. A soft, slightly salty and savory cheese, Wisconsin is the only state in the United States still making this traditional cheese, in part because of the great skill and labor required.

Belgian Style Pale Ale, Goose Island ‘Matilda’ Chicago IL
Golden sunrise color, dried fruit, clove and baking spice aromas, fruity biscuity malt flavor, dry body and finish.

Brewer recommends pairing with Camembert, Washed Rind Cheese

Buttermilk Blue® Affinee
Made from raw cow’s milk, this cheese defines the experience of rich and creamy. The finest of the buttermilk blue cheeses are chosen to be aged six months or more. When it comes to blue cheese this is one of the creamiest and strongest with a peculiar piquant and earthy flavor.

Bual Madeira, Cossart Gordon 5 years old
Aromas of vanilla, toffee, maple, candied fruits and cinnamon, It is medium sweet and creamy.  It has a bit more of acid and spiciness in its structure, trademarks of this bodega’s style.

Belgian Style Quadrupel ‘Not the Stoic’
Deschutes Brewery Bend OR
Brewed with pomegranate & molasses, 15% aged in oak wine barrels, 15% aged in oak rye barrels.  Reddish brown in color with a tan head that dissipates shortly.  Nose is sweet and boozy. Flavor is intense - notes of molasses, pomegranate, dark red fruits and bourbon.

Cheese and cider were courtesy of Ms. Heather Porter Engwall of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Descriptions and tasting notes were mostly sourced from producers’ publications.