Past Events

Mondiale - Local Craft Beer Dinner @ The Butcher & Larder — Event Menu

Smoked Shrimp from Fisherman’s Daughter
spring onions, radishes and arugula

Refreshing: Smoked Helles
German Style Helles. 5.4% ABV. Golden color, clean malt aroma, crisp smokey finish, light body.

Assorted B&L Charcuterie
pickles, mustard and bread

Refreshing: Willow Street Wit
Belgian Style Witbier. 5.5% ABV. Hazy straw color, bright citrus aroma, spicy citrus flavor, crisp body.

Hoppy: 23rd Anniversary Ale
American Pale Ale. 5.3% ABV. Dark golden color, tropical fruit aroma, grapefruit flavor, medium body.

Sausage al Pastor
cornbread and roasted chili black beans

Hoppy: Curbside Saison
Belgian Style Saison. 6.6% ABV. Golden color, fruity aroma, fruity flavor, medium body.

Roasted chili black beans

Artisanal Cheeses from Wisconsin
- Driftless, Hidden Springs Creamery - Sheep’s Milk
- Goodhue Grass-Fed Gouda, PastureLand - Cow’s Milk

Stinky: Double B
Belgian Style with Brettanomyces. 7.8% ABV. Auburn in color with flavors of caramel, chocolate-covered black cherries and fig.
The aromatics are full of old world characteristics like earth, funky barnyard, and dark fruit. Medium-full body.

Bourbon-Vanilla Flan
Chocolate-almond toffee

Bourbon County Stout
Bourbon County Coffee Stout
Bourbon County Vanilla Stout
Bourbon County Rare Stout