Mondiale Mezcal 101 at Quiote

with Daniel Drake and Dan Salls

Tuesday, September 05, 2017 –

6:30 pm

2456 N. California Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60647


Mezcal Mania at Quiote

By Todd Arkebauer, Vice Echanson
Photos by Lorenzo Tassone

On September 5, 2017, Chaîne Chicago obtained exclusive access to Quiote, one of the city’s hottest new establishments, for the Mondiale’s 2017-18 season opener. Quiote pays homage to the agave plant, making it the ideal setting for 40 members to learn about mezcal, the smoky Mexican spirit crafted from this succulent.

Following a convivial reception, the educational portion of the night began with a presentation about mezcal from Manager Justin Fox. Guests learned that the heart mezcal production occurs in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, and the cultivation, production, fermentation and distillation of the spirit were also discussed. Confrères then tasted different mezcals. First impressions were of smoke and earth, obtained by roasting the agaves, followed by caramel and fresh greens notes and, depending on the agave species used, other flavors like citrus, mint, vanilla and honey were evidenced.

Next, Executive Chef/Partner Dan Salls and his team created a modern Mexican menu that showcased fresh local ingredients, highlighted by 60-day, dry-aged ribeye from Slagel Farms. The multi-course, family-style meal was served with mezcal-based cocktails and Mexican wines, served side-by-side, permitting attendees to determine their favorite pairings.

As the evening concluded, Vice Echanson Todd Arkebauer and Bailli Beth Roldan presented a framed Chaîne plate to the Quiote team, including business partner Paul Blasco and Minister of Hospitality, Daniel Drake, who was instrumental in organizing and delivering a successful event. Guests departed feeling enriched with an enhanced understanding of mezcal and its global rise in popularity.