Société Mondiale du Vin

The Société Mondiale du Vin is an organization within the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs that specializes in the appreciation of fine wine and other crafted beverages. The Société encourages the collection and dissemination of information on wines and quality spirits as well as the enjoyment, understanding and procurement of fine beverages. It provides a means for mutual sharing among those who appreciate fine beverages as part of the Chaîne dining experience as well as recognition for those professionals who are beverage oriented.


The Société Mondiale du Vin is composed of Chaîne members in good standing who are professionally involved in the wine and spirits industry or are amateur connoisseurs with a special knowledge or interest in wine and crafted beverages and who are dedicated to promoting the education and enjoyment of them as a vital part of the dining experience.

The Société has a separate application process, annual dues and induction ceremony. Candidates for membership must be sponsored by a member of the Société Mondiale du Vin in good standing.

The Chicago Chapter has a Société Mondiale du Vin section, under the responsibility of the Vice-Echanson, Société Mondiale du Vin.


The Chicago Chapter of the Société Mondiale du Vin is a vibrant organization. It holds four to five special wine dinners and tastings annually and a solemn but fun induction ceremony once every two or three years, depending on the number of candidates. The events are, as a rule, less formal than those of the Chaîne and, primarily focused on fine wines and crafted beverages, with the food playing an important but, nonetheless, supporting role.

Some recent events of the Chapter include:

  • Horizontal tasting of multiple vintages of grand cru burgundies from adjacent properties to examine and appreciate the concept of terroir
  • Vertical and horizontal tasting of cabernet sauvignon-based wines that include a 1975 Châteaux Ducru-Beaucailliou and 1955 Châteaux Margaux
  • Comparative vertical tasting of 1979 through 1996 vintages of Opus One, Château Mouton Rothschild and Robert Mondavi Reserve
  • Comparative vertical tasting of 1979-1990 vintages of Château Cos d’Estournel and Château Lafite-Rothschild
  • Tastings of craft beers, artisanal and limited production sakes and boutique tequilas
  • Exploration and learning of the elements of food and wine pairing
  • Learning and identifying flawed wines