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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chaîne Chicago’s plan for creating some exciting evenings during the dark days of winter.

Chaîne Chicago is continuing its program of modernization. Starting in January 2013 members and guests will have the opportunity to visit three cutting edge restaurants, each owned and started by culinary teams who come directly from longtime establishments in Chicago.  Each one is expressing its culinary prowess in its own unique way.  Chaîne Chicago is proud to be able to take over each of these restaurants for one night and introduce members and prospective members to three newcomer restaurants with three different cuisines and ambiance.  All three have extremely high reputations and expectations in the Chicago culinary community.

We will be going to Yusho for Japanese street food, recently opened Embeya for PanAsian Haute Cuisine and newly-opened Grace for Refined Dining.

JANUARY – Monday 1/14 -  YUSHO

Yusho uses a yakitori grill presenting Japanese street food.  Owner/Executive Chef Matthias Merges has spent most of two decades cooking and living in Chicago, most notably as the Executive Chef at Charlie Trotter’s for the past 14 years. Matthias has mentored some of the most talented and respected professionals in the restaurant industry. You will also meet Chef de Cuisine Jennifer Petrusky. In 2006, Petrusky moved to Chicago for an internship at Charlie Trotter’s, eventually becoming sous chef. Jennifer cooked the whole fish in the wood burning oven for us when we visited Charlie Totter’s home.  Petrusky has cooked twice in the Bocuse D’or national cooking competition in Lyon, France.  Before Yusho, Chef Jennifer was on the opening team of GT Fish & Oyster.  Space will be somewhat limited here.  It will be a casual evening with high culinary excellence.


FEBRUARY -  Monday 2/18 -  EMBEYA

Embeya is the project of our own Maître Hôtelier Attila Gyulai who had a career with Four Seasons Hotels and mostly recently as Operations Director at The Elysian Hotel.  Attila has teamed up with Executive Chef Thai Dang who was Executive Sous Chef at RIA and before that at L2O.  Together they have created a stunning space at the east end of Randolph Street’s restaurant row.  Chef Thai is producing some exceptional and very refined Asian cuisine.  This venue, which has ample capacity, will be an excellent opportunity to introduce friends and many prospective Chaîne members to the Chicago Chaîne.  Please reach out to to prospective members so they may save this date. 


MARCH -  Monday 3/11 – GRACE

Grace is the brain child of Chef Curtis Duffy.  Curtis was Executive Chef at the Peninsula Hotel Chicago and Avenues Restaurant.  This Randolph Street restaurant opened in late November and has been much awaited by the Chicago foodie community.  It is refined dining with much space around each table.  It is a restaurant where you telephone for a reservation – no Open Table and no tickets.  Capacity will be limited here.


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